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Combined Federal Campaign Charity

Helping families of special needs children in Mason County, Washington when there are no other resources available.

Our Origins

A Gift for Special Children was founded in 1991 by Jackie Vaughn-Codiga.  Our mission is to help families with special needs children ages birth to eighteen when there are no other resources available to them.  We encourage parents to focus on the well being of their child(ren), which can be difficult to do if you have multiple doctor and hospital visits, you are juggling work and home responsibilites, and/or a family member loses employment or has their hours cut.  We support families with referral or direct support so that they can best focus on their children.  

A Gift for Special Children is staffed entirely of volunteers, and we operate with little to no overhead as we run the organization out of our homes (and network with our families). 

Here are our volunteers!